Higher Ed Strategies, LLC

Enrollment Management

Financial Aid Strategy Development

Assist with the review, revision and development of a financial aid strategy.  The new strategy identifies specific student segments to influence, and methodologies for controlling discount rate. A proforma is developed to help monitor and adjust the strategy as needed to respond to market needs as well as run simulated potential outcomes.

Enrollment Management Consulting

Provide professional consulting services in enrollment management.  Designed to provide ongoing support to an institution's enrollment management team through regular ongoing meetings, monitoring outcomes throughout the recruitment stages, making mid-course strategic and tactical recommendations and helping leadership manage and shape team effectiveness.


Financial Aid Compliance Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of an institution's compliance with federal, state and institutional financial aid regulations. Designed to help improve an institution's compliance with regulations and reduce risk exposure.  Existing and potential risk exposures are examined.  A comprehensive report is written that includes, findings, observations and recommendations.


Admissions/Recruitment Audit

A comprehensive examination of an institution's admissions and recruitment practices.  Designed to help an institution identify opportunities to improve enrollment outcomes and control costs.  Search strategy, funnel conversion practices, organizational structure and staffing, use of vendors and products, systems, workflow, daily operations, strategic and tactical plans are reviewed. 

Discount Rate & Net Revenue Audit

A comprehensive examination of an institution's discount rate and net revenue.  Designed to help an institution gain better control of the discount rate and improve net revenue.  The factors that contribute to the discount rate and corresponding net revenue are examined, including policies and procedures and how actual practice is influencing expenditure outcomes.

Admissions / Recruitment Marketing Review

Provide a stand-alone review service that delivers observations and recommendations in short order at an affordable price without an extensive timeline.  A review of value propositions, website, print and collateral material, and the admissions communications flow is conducted.  Observations and recommendations are provided in a written report.  Assistance with modifying and re-mapping the admissions communications flow can also be provided. Services are provided in collaboration with the 989 Group

Operational Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the department's operations.  Designed to help identify human and system performance gaps and identify opportunities for improvement.   The Department's organizational structure, staffing levels and needs, work flow, quality of customer service, systems use, timeliness of production, adherance to policies and procedures and general compliance are examined.

Strategic Solutions in Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Consulting


Competitor Risk Exposure Analysis

A review of an institution's direct and indirect competition.  Key areas examined include sticker and net-price, program competition, institutional attributes, marketing tactics and content, and quality of customer service are examined.

Quality Customer Service Evaluation

Evaluates the quality of customer service in key departments, such as admissions, financial aid, bursar and registrar. The client decides which departments are to be included in the evaluation.  Designed to help an institution identify opportunities for improving customer care across departments.  

Secret Shopper Service

A secret shopper component of the client institution as well as competitors can also be included in the evaluation.

Compliance and Risk Management

Non-Enrolled Student Survey

Designed to help an institution obtain real-time intelligence as to why students are not enrolling and where they are attending.  Surveys typically run late during or shortly after the recruiting cycling in advance of the availability of clearinghouse data.

Graduated Student Survey

Many institutions do not have solid outcomes data on where and what their graduates are doing.  This survey is designed to reach out to graduates to obtain outcome data and potential student profiles that can be used by marketing.  This surveys helps mutiliple campus constituents including admissions, marketing and development.